Welcome to NarkyBark's Game Levels Page!

Here's where you can find various maps and levels that I, NarkyBark, have made for various games. Click a selection on the left to see a description of the map or pack and a download link.

Feel free to download and run anything you find here, even for your own server. All I ask is that you don't modify and take credit for the files yourself, of course. If you're looking to include levels in a compilation, feel free to ask- I'll probably say yes!

I generally make mods and levels for RPG and FPS games. As you can see I've focused a lot on games utilizing the Unreal engine, and also games that utilize RPG toolkits such as the Elder Scrolls games, NeverWinterNights and similar. They're usually well received- I'll put up reviews if and when I can find them. I was tickled to see the magazine PC Gamer listed one of my Oblivion mods in one of their Top 5 Mods list... who knew?

(OK, and don't laugh that this page uses html frames. As you can see, since I have games going back to Doom, it's been around for a while and I just haven't made it modern! At least it's easy to update this way...)