Assault level for either single player, or 14+ players

File size: 8130k

FINAL version 1.1, released 3-20-00

I had always wanted to try making a level like this, and I finally went and did it. It's a HUGE map, made of different 'planes' for different environments and effects. Hard to explain here, the readmes go into in much more detail. What I WILL say here is that there are two versions of the map packaged together. Unusual, I know. The reasoning is- the full multiplayer map won't be usable for many people, it's terribly large and might not be the best suited for internet play. Since the level is so large, bots do not work properly either. So, I created a single player version of the map loaded with critters, so everyone will get to enjoy my work. This map is part two in the Warlock trilogy... full story in the readmes! (It's a big one!)

plane5    plane6    ps1    ps2    ps3    ps4    ps5    ps6    ps7    ps8    ps9    ps10    ps11    ps12    ps13    ps14    ps15   

What the reviewers say:

Mapped: "Textures, lighting, and sound are all done very well and create the most atmospheric areas that the Unreal engine can spit out."
"Hauntingly good look and feel creating a real sense of immersion, totally original gameplay and layout, unprecedented proportions, ending makes you eager for more."
"Yes, even you modem users will find that these 8 MB are well worth the time to download. If your computer doesn't run the level too well, you can always delete it, but PlaneshifterSP offers just about the best single or cooperative player action for UT Assault."
8 out of 10 stars

UTBooty: "This map gains a well deserved 90 mark and an essential download tag because although it may use an idea which has already been put to use in other games or maps, there are many functions which make this map a worthwhile download even if you are not a fan of the fantasy genre. It has the eye candy, the assault action, creative use of scenery, music, two different maps and much more."
90 out of 100

UTAssault: "Yikes! This map is so damn large I don't really know what to say about it. I say "map" because it is really several maps in one and every single one is gorgeous and large as well." "This man knows his textures all right!" Only reviewed map to received 10 out of 10 in Graphical/Technical category

Frags in the Attic: "What's that? How did I like it? I am glad you asked! One of the things that I LOVE the most about Unreal/Unreal Tournament, is the amount of creative talent out there on the web striving continuously to make an excellent game better! So many people have created maps and mutators, mods and skins, all designed to make the playing of the game more fun! But, this is NOT just a MAP.  It is an experience.  To begin with, the map itself is HUGE, and broken up into several component maps (planes).  The Assault Goals are challenging and the gameplay exciting!"