Resurrection of the Warlock

Assault level for approx. 8 - 14 players

File size: 1560k

FINAL version 1.1, original released 12-30-99

It is time for Chaos to rule again. The followers of Order have imprisoned our master in death for far too long, holding his old tower and sealing it up to those who would release him. The time has come to take back what is ours!

My first Assault map, it received a huge amount of positive feedback on the boards which I was totally taken aback by, but am grateful for! It's a large map, and various strategies can be successful. It has a little for every kind of gameplay- some sniping play, some short range twitch play, some in between. I tried to create a map that the attackers wouldn't blow through in 30 seconds- hopefully I succeeded. Bots are fully compatible, and will give you a challenge (or a great help!)

res1   res2   res3   res4

What the reviewers say:

UTbooty: "This here is a breathtaking map. From the iron gates, to the flame torches, to the open graves full of weapons, the author of this map took his time in creating a great setting that sucks you in and makes you want to see what's next."
"Let's face it, bot pathing is tricky stuff. But on assault levels, it's more than tricky. The author comes through better than I've seen anyone do yet in a user-made assault map, making the map actually possible to play single-player!"
"Ahh, my first Assault map review. Thanks to this author for making it an easy one. Great map, and a lot of fun."

I never used to read the GT forum boards, but I did because someone told me there was a thread about the BETA version of this map, and people loved it. I took a look and wow! The thread was 60 replies strong and going. And this was about the beta, not the final... guess I got feedback all right! I archived the first page of that thread here. Speaks for itself!

Nexus: 9 out of 10.

UT Center: 5 out of 5 stars.

MappeD: 9 stars.

UTWORLD: I'm not exactly sure what this site says about it, since I can't read the language, but it gave it a 93 percent, heh!

Double Take: "If you're part of the assault fan base and haven't had the chance to experience 'Resurrection of the Warlock' yet, what are you waiting for? This map could easily have shipped with the original set on the Unreal Tournament CD. Forget about the high system specs needed for a very smooth game this one should remain in server rotation a long time from now and by that time your own system might be one of those Coppermine Pentium III's or FPU crushing Athlon's. For those who don't play online on a regular basis but thrive on botmatch need this. At the time of this review there isn't a better experience for the assault game type. Congratulations go to NarkyBark for creating a masterpiece that'll be tough to top. "