Sentient Weapon

Alternate download

Alternate download

Note- if you get the version off PlanetElderScrolls, make sure you get the little patch as well. The other versions are already fixed.

New Quest, talking weapon

File size: 138 MB

FINAL version 3.0, released 06-07-2006

A wandering weaponsmith is looking for one last shot at fame, and he's willing to make you a sentient weapon if you can just get him the parts. Finishing the quest will give you a weapon that will comically comment on all of your adventures as you go. You may choose from three personalities for the weapon: a coward, a murderer, and a bewildered hero. Features over 800 lines of weapon dialogue and unique weapon abilities. More information in the readme.

If you get stuck, I've put up a walkthrough for the main quest.

People seem to like this one- I've gotten mentions in magazines such as PC Gamer (here's a scan) and PC Action (don't have a scan of that one, if you see it, grab it for me!)

Here's one of the remaining review sites I can find... Scoring 98%, 57 votes (as I type this)