New Quests, robes, spells

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FINAL version 1.0, released 07-01-2002, Morrowind patch v1.1.0605

Once a great Telvanni mage and theurgist, Jaron Scorchblot has become a bit of an enigma. Most think he's gone crazy, some say he was never really sane in the first place, but all would admit that he wields great power over the elements. Most would also say that he's actually a fairly nice guy- but most fear him just the same. No longer with the House, he lives as a hermit amongst his own creations. Older and more frail now, he looks for one to help him with his tasks, and to perhaps pass on his knowledge.

This plugin is designed for mage classes. Although anyone may complete the quests, non-mage classes may not be able to cast higher level spells. The quests themselves range from easy to medium-hard. They could probably be started by someone in their teens, and completed at a higher level.

The official page is long gone, here's a review site that was reset long ago but still has some goodness on it. Scoring 95%, 17 votes, Hall of Fame

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