What Horror Monster Best Represents You?

1. Where do you shop for clothes?

Carl's Formalwear
Gap Kids
Dominatrix Mart
K-Mart sweater department
The local extraterrestrial Army-Navy store
Anyplace that sells common clothes
Someplace cheap, since you'll just lose them anyway
Pere's Pajamas and Lingerie
I outgrow everything

2. What do you like to eat?

Campbell's Cream of Vegetable
Japanese People
Puppy Chow
Anything living, as long as no one's looking
Anything living, doesn't matter who's looking

3. What is your blood?

Dark red
Bright red
Antifreeze green
Like battery acid
Like motor oil
You don't bleed anything
Like the blood of virgins

4. What would you buy at the convenience store?

Acne medicine
Breath mints
Heartworm medicine
Fishing hooks
Devil's food cake

5. Are you eloquent?

Not really, I have a foul mouth
Not really, but I do like taunting the helpless
I like to imitate what others say
I like to speak foreign languages
Gruh... urrrgh.... rrroooah.....
Fairly eloquent, and very matter of fact
I can be. It depends.
Yes, and very suave.
I speak louder than any of you

6. What's your favorite getaway spot?

Someplace cool
I don't leave my room much
Someplace dreamy and surreal
Sitting by the bay in the moonlight
Scuba diving
At a high-rise restaurant
I just go where everyone else goes
Someplace warm and humid
Out into the open air

7. Which do you dislike the most?

Being ignored
Waking up

8. What about the dentist?

It takes so long with all these teeth
I love going, the pain is exquisite
He keeps my canines nice and clean
Annoying since my teeth keep changing size
My teeth are badly decayed
I don't go, since I just grow new teeth when I want
I have a lot of artificial teeth
I just burn off any food stuck in there
He was holding a scaling tool, so I killed him

9. What's your favorite toy or pastime?

I like to grab girls
I like puzzles
I like the sound of scraping metal
Nothing like a good romp through the city
I touch myself
I am my own favorite toy
I like hunting
Running wild, running free
A romantic evening