MUD Home Page Links

A collection of links to MUD home pages, classified by type. Please note that MUSHes are not included here, since those links are available via the Almost-Complete List of MUSHes. This document is part of the MUD Resource Collection.

Home pages for combat-type MUDs (LPs, Dikus, and so forth) have red-colored squares next to them; home pages for Tiny-style MUDs (MOOs, MUCKs, etc.) have yellow-colored squares next to them.

o After Five
o Ancient Anguish
o AuroraMUD
o ChibaMOO: The Sprawl
o Dark Castle DikuMUD
o Elephant MUD
o EnvyMUD
o Final Frontiers
o FurryMUCK
o Infinity MUD
o The Land of Drogon
o Marches of Antan
o Midnight Sun
o Das MorgenGrauen (German-language)
o MUD 2
o Mystic MUD
o The MUD Institute
o Mudde Pathetique
o Nanvaent
o Nightfall MUD
o Nightmare MUD
o Nirvana LP-MUD
o Nuclear War
o Ragnarok MUD
o RealmsMUD
o TrekMUSE
o UNItopia (German-language MUD)
o VegaMUSE
o VikingMUD
o Virtual Chicago
o War of the Roses DikuMUD

Lydia Leong / / August 9th, 1994