Amberyl's Almost-Complete List of MUSHes

This is my personal list of MUSHes, together with addresses, commentary, links to home pages, and, if available, MudWHO queries. It is, hopefully, useful, up-to-date, and nearly-complete, although not entirely objective. It's in alphabetical order, and should be fairly complete.

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You might want to look at the Automated MUSH List, which automatically updates the statuses of MUSHes once every two hours, providing an up-to-date status listing of all MUSHes listed in this document (save for the ones with lengthy known downtimes); this provides a quick guide to the MUSHes, listing their addresses, server type, last successful connect time, and the number of players logged in over the past 24 hours or so. That list is also kept somewhat more up-to-date; if you find that an address in the list below is missing or not working, check the Automated List for updates.

MUDs which are, to my knowledge, permanently down, are moved to the Defunct MUSH List. Therefore, everything in this file should be relatively current.

More information about MUDs in general can be found in my MUD Resource Collection.

This list is updated quite frequently. Please see the Recent Changes file for a list of updates. Please note that while addresses are almost always current, the reviews of the MUSHes aren't; you will want to check the date against the changes page. If you notice something which needs updating, please email me.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are my own personal observations and opinions. They are not necessarily the opinions of anyone else; they are certainly not the opinions of the University of Pennsylvania. No guarantee is made as to the accuracy of this information.

The information here is a mixture between fact and opinion. The "reviews" of the MUSHes are a mixture of my own opinions and those of others; they are based both upon my personal assessment, which can vary from an hour's look (for new and empty places) to a few days or more of play, and comments which come to me from players of that MUSH. Those who are really overly curious what I do on the MUDs can check out my list of current projects.

Entry Formats

The entries are displayed in list format. Before the MUSH's name will be a list bullet, color-coded by type (if your WWW browser can display pictures), or a two-letter key code. If MudWHO data for that MUSH is available, you can click on the bullet/key in order to get the listing. Clicking on the MUSH's name will connect you to that MUSH. The date of that entry's addition to this list is noted at the beginning of the MUD's description; for recent data on MUSH statuses, check the Automated MUSH List.

Key/Color Codes

[SM] Social MUSH.
Socializing, building, programming, and general goofing off.

[BK] Book-based MUSH.
Roleplaying and simulation emphasized in a game which attempts to re-create the society and world of a novel or other media source. The social aspects of roleplaying are emphasized over conflict-driven stories.

[TH] Themed MUSH.
A themed MUSH with roleplaying and a relaxed atmosphere. Socializing, building, and programming are frequently popular, as well. (These are distinguished from "book-based MUSHes" by being based on an "original" theme, and/or having a less structured roleplaying environment.)

[PM] Pern-themed MUSH.
These games are based on the Dragonriders of Pern novels by Anne McCaffrey. They are, for the most part, "slice of life" roleplaying, with an emphasis on re-creating the society, and the building and programming of objects to support a simulation of the world.

[RP] Player-arbitrated MUSH.
Roleplaying in a story-oriented environment emphasized. No use of "judges", "Storytellers", or similar admin-appointed arbitrators, unless requested. Possible use of an existing "face to face" RPG system.

[DY] Judged or "dynamic" MUSH.
Roleplaying in a conflict-oriented environment emphasized. "Judges" are used to arbitrate conflicts. Administrators may intervene in the storyline. No set game system; many of these use homebrew rules, or follow a commercial RPG system.

[ST] StoryTeller MUSH.
Roleplaying in a White Wolf Games world, utilizing a StoryTeller system.

[ED] Educational/Professional MUSH.
Directed towards serving as an educational or professional resource.

The List

The list is quite large, and therefore is split up by letters of the alphabet. You can read it from the beginning, or click on the letter that you are interested in.
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There is also a listing of unopened MUSHes, places that are under construction, are private, or whose addresses are otherwise not known to the public.
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