Aka: Edmond, Perfect Tommy and others.

Tangent's Picture Tangent began mudding in May of '91 on PernMUSH. In September of '92 he founded NarniaMUSH and added many minor hacks to the server. Frustrated by having to listen to all his PernMUSH friends talk about dragons and such on Narnia, he then founded TooMUSH in October '92 as a hell to which he could comdem such people.

In Real Life Tangent is a 28 year old scientific programmer. His current job is working on monitor and control software for a laser metrology system. This system is designed to take measurements accurate to microns at distances of 100 meters. He is coping with C++ and Motif while often struggling with TCP/IP.

Tangent lives in a remote location high in the Allegany Mountains of West Virginia. To pass the time he mountain bikes, programs, muds and makes frequent trips to civilization.