1992 Arabian gelding, "Kelly", CMK/Davenport breeding (no papers; registration fee paid but does not type to purported sire, and breeder is deceased). Trained by Charles Wilhelm (John Lyons certified). Leads, loads, clips, trailers; stands quietly for the vet and the farrier. Beautiful gaits: efficient "floating" trot, big overstride at the walk. Pasture raising and desert breeding mean a terrific endurance prospect. Going down the trail well; needs someone to put in the miles. Sane mind and responsive temperament, suitable for an intermediate rider. SOLD. (P.S. Pictures are a year old: he's even better-looking now! And no, he's not responsible for the broken arm in the picture. :-)

And... Kelly as a baby, with his dam, Reminisce:

Jean Marie Diaz //
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