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I relax and destress by reading. As a collector of books as well as of stamps, if I read one book in a series I'll have to read (which for me generally means "purchase and keep") all of them.

My collection includes:

In addition, all of the novels I read — as required as well as recommended reading — for high school and college are in my library.

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With the exception of The Rules of Acquisition which is a large type, one rule per page, compilation of the rules of acquisition as provided in the ST:TNG and ST:DS9 episodes that deal with Ferengi culture. The idea of spending $6.95 (its original price) for something that cheesy with the subject of how to make money is just too ironic, even for me. Pocket Books ought to be ashamed of themselves for such a blatant attempt to cash in on Star Trek fans' willingness to spend money at their company.

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