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In the USENET news group soc.motss, in message-ID <joon-ya02408000R1901992039510001@news-server>, Joon posted the following recipe for getting rid of leftover rice.

Pour a bit of salsa in a skillet (or pan, if you're not picky about terminology), heat it up.

Dump in some rice. This works really super well with leftovers, which is how the recipe was born, but I've made rice specifically for it, too. This is way flexible and stores well, so make as much as you like.

Now, the salsa I use isn't very creamy, so at this point I add a bit of tomato sauce to thicken it up. You really just want enough sauce to make sure your rice isn't crumbly. If this turns out too wet it'll be messier (but still as yummy).

After it's all heated all the way through, add a couple of spoonfuls of plain yogurt. It makes the whole mess turn nice and creamy without adding too much flavor. I've thought that sour cream would probably work just as well, but I'm not a sour cream person.

Melt some cheese (I use mozzarella) on some flour tortillas, spoon on some of this rice stuff, and go to town. I've gone days without eating anything else.

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