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Every year at the motss.con there's a foodie dinner the Thursday night before events begin. At the Seattle motss.con.xxiv in 2011, dinner was at The Herbfarm. We intentionally got there early (we were shooting for 6 but still made it there by 5:45) so we could take the garden tour. It started with a cup of hot tea (orange blossom, honey, and rosemary), and we got to sample several of the herbs and learn about the history and philosophy of the property as we went through the gardens with one of the owners. Back to the restaurant proper for the 7pm seating; the 14 of us had the private room. Between the first and second courses, we went to the library (my half) or the main dining room to hear the other owner talk a bit about the philosophy of the restaurant and introduce the chef and staff. The chef and sommelier discussed the 9-course menu and its wine pairings before we went back to our seats to dig in.

The meal itself was wonderful:

In addition, they had two house-made breads (rustic seed bread and wild-yeasted savory epi) from their wood oven, with house-churned Jersey cow butter. At least one of us wasn't drinking alcohol, and they had a variety of juices and infusions; several of us had dietary restrictions (e.g., no lactose, no dill, no seafood) and they had reasonable substitutions in their courses. They also sent everyone home with a thank-you card with a sage shortbread. We finally left the restaurant around 11:30pm.

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