Josh Play Gay motss.con reports

The following motss.con-related reports are available:

# Year Location
i 1988 San Francisco, CA
ii 1989 Boston, MA
iii 1990 Denver, CO
iv 1991 Toronto, ON
v 1992 Portland, OR
vi 1993 Boston, MA
vii 1994 Las Vegas, NV
viii 1995 Washington, DC
ix 1996 Chicago, IL
x 1997 San Francisco, CA
# Year Location
xi 1998 Pittsburgh, PA
xii 1999 Memphis, TN
xiii 2000 Utrecht, NL
xiv 2001 Stockholm, SE
xv 2002 Los Angeles, CA
xvi 2003 Ithaca, NY
xvii 2004 Jacksonville Beach, FL
xviii 2005 Vancouver, BC
xix 2006 Minneapolis, MN
xx 2007 Palo Alto, CA
# Year Location
xxi 2008 Providence, RI
xxii 2009 Portland, OR
xxiii 2010 Miami, FL
xxiv 2011 Seattle, WA
xxv 2012 Boone, NC
xxvi 2013 Ann Arbor, MI
xxvii 2014 Portland, ME
xxviii 2015 Rochester/Perry, NY
xxix 2016 New Orleans, LA
xxx 2017 Thurmont, MD & Gettysburg, PA
# Year Location
xxxi 2018 Montreal, QC

Any con whose number is not in boldface is one I did not attend. I did attend the second (Boston MA, 1989) motss.con, but no is available.

I was on the planning committees for both the 1996 Chicago con (ix) and the 2013 Ann Arbor con (xxvi).

Also, the soc.motss anthology contains some historical postings (dating back to 1989) that at least someone has thought worthy of note. This includes the motss.con Reports page.

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