Document Repository Users' Guide:
Chapter 5
Other functions

In addition to the adding, editing, and searching functions discussed in the preceding three chapters, there are six additional functions on the Document Repository top-level home page:

Browse--A special case of the Search function, Browse lists all documents in the Repository in a single table. Since there are over 800 documents in the Repository in its initial release, this table may take a long time to render in your browser window, depending on your CPU, memory, and network bandwidth.

Details on using the results of the Browse page are the same as those for the Search results page. Refer to Chapter 4, "Searching the database," for additional information.
Documentation--Documentation links to the top-level documentation page with links to the Administrators' Guide and this Users' Guide as well as to the online help (discussed next).
Help--Help provides the online help with quick overviews for document class codes, subclass codes, practice codes, and keywords used in the database.
Statistics--The Statistics page provides some quick statistical information about the Document Repository. This information includes general data, such as the number of documents, approved documents, and authors in the database, as well as the oldest and newest publication dates and date of last change to the database. The Statistics page also lists the number of documents by each class (C, I, M, R, or X) and by each practice (Backup and Recovery, Windows 2000, Database, MIP, Networking, and Security).

Links on the class and practice lines are prewritten queries to bring up the specified entries. For example, clicking on the "Backup and Recovery" practice is the same as searching the Repository for all documents in that practice.
Templates--The Templates button links to the Templates page in the previous version (1.0) of the document repository. This page provides templates for various document types and is provided as a shortcut for someone who doesn't want to search through all the templates in the Repository.
Upload--One of the features from the previous release (1.0) of the Repository that was omitted from the initial release of the Document Repository (2.0) was the means to upload a document from a local disk to the Repository, either to be added or to be reviewed by the technical writing staff. This script has been added back to the current version (2.1) of the Repository on the top-level page.

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