Document Repository Users' Guide:
Appendix A
Issues with the repository

Fixed and known bugs

See the Bug and Feature Tracking System (commonly known as "BugWif") for detailed descriptions of the fixed and known bugs.

Bugs fixed between 2.1d and 2.1e

3979--BugWif links missing from all documentation pages

Bugs fixed between 2.1c and 2.1d

3954--Help link for Class on Add page broken

Bugs fixed between 2.1a and 2.1c

Versions 2.1b (September 7, 2001) and 2.1c (October 4, 2001) were maintenance releases correcting typos and formatting errors in the documentation and the cascading style sheets. No actual bugs were fixed in these maintenance releases.

Bugs fixed between 2.1 and 2.1a

3634--Integrate more with documentation
3770--Add link to documentation for status bits
3785--Caching doc_id loses up to 19 at a time

Bugs fixed between 2.0 and 2.1

3618--Home page should link to Upload script
3619--Home page should link to Templates directory
3620--Rearrange/reorder home page links
3632--Make bullet list a table (reformat)
3634--(Partial) Integrate more with documentation
3635--Separate online help into smaller files
3644--Include version number in footer
3648--Send email to repo admin on adds/updates/deletes
3723--Help file BugWif is bad
3724--Need better in-Help navigation (keywords)

Bugs fixed between 1.0 and 2.0 (development and Q&A)

3524--Bad date format causes Add to fail
3526--Can delete LOCKED records
3527--Can delete FROZEN records
3528--Translating chars in non-CT author names
3529--TITLE tags not unique
3530--No user docs
3531--No admin docs
3532--No authorization granularity
3534--No link to CI
3535--No "?" icon on Keywords for Add or Search
3536--Can't search for docs in no practice
3538--Sort-by breaks on subsequent criteria
3539--Adding new docs w/o class/subclass fails (ORA-01400)
3540--Bad icon for Edit confirmation screen
3541--Can't null out Practice on Edit
3542--Weird practice behavior on Edit/Update
3544--No default author sort key
3545--Can add document without description
3546--Can add document without URL
3547--Can add document without Revision
3548--Can add document without Keywords
3550--Link to "documentation" goes nowhere
3555--Can't search by URL component (is... or isn't...)
3556--Add "M" for MIP to Practices
3558--Home page "Help" link is to doc/ not doc/help.html
3559--Can't add "New/Modified" status docs
3564--Author field is space sensitive
3565--Multiple practices selected
3566--Status field in bold
3575--Search by Practice omits docs in multiple practices
3583--URL doesn't accept non-HTTP[S] protocols
3585--Document notes entry fails
3589--Can't update/edit record
3590--Submit buttons lose SSL status
3596--Missing word in text
3597--Stats page should link to preselected searches
3598--UG Cp4 should mention search results
3600--Probem updating Notes field
3612--Add Repository links
3616--Subclass T=Transition, not T=Training
3617--Broken link to document in Browse list
3651--Clinking up documents with no URL bring up Repo home
3682--What happened to new doc templates?

Bugs closed between 1.0 and 2.0 (Features)

3563--Published date can be in the future
3568--No check for invalid author entry
3577--Keyword checking not enforced
3578--2-digit years acceptable

Bugs closed between 1.0 and 2.0 (User training issues)

3584--Primary author not in list
3588--Public status not documented


Known design issues

Note that these known design issues may not be fixed in the repository (2.x) but postponed until the long-term solution (3.x) is implemented.

There is no record-level authorization permission structure.
There is no type-dependent information (e.g., publisher for books and magazines, magazine title and issue/volume/number for articles and columns, etc.)
Workaround: Use the Notes field.
There are no command line interfaces for creating new documents & templates, updating existing documents & templates, searching for documents & templates, administering the database, and converting a document from one format to another.
There is no a file system-like interface for browsing (for example, ${REPOSITORY}/docs/${CLASS}/${SUBCLASS}/${DOC_NUMBER}/${VERSION}/*.xml)
There are no tools to convert between the back-end format (XML?) and the desired front-end formats (HTML, PDF, RTF, TXT, etc.); for example, xml2html and xml2pdf and pdf2xml and html2xml.
There is no tool to check out (and lock) a document for revision.
Workaround: Freeze the document by editing it to make the Locked bit set, then work with the Repository Librarians to replace it when your changes are completed.
There is no interface to the public Internet web site (so non-CT personnel can search for PUBLIC documents).
There is no interface for people to suggest changes to documents they do not own.
Workaround: Send email to the Repository Librarians.
There is no document-level security so users can see document records (including the URLs) for documents the web may not let them access.
There is no way to "group" documents.
There is no way to "group" permissions.
Documents cannot include or supercede each other. Updating data in one place does NOT update it everywhere (unless the URLs reference or include each other, a la SHTML).
If a URL changes the document record is not automatically updated.
Document numbers (CSnnnnnn-vvv) are not tracked or generated.
Workaround: Contact the Repository Librarians to obtain one or more document numbers.
A document can be broken off from a reference so changes to that reference no longer are applied to the document.
There is no automated way to build custom queries.
Workaround: If you know the document schema (as documented in Chapter 3, "Database Structure," of the Administrators' Guide) you can build an HTML query string (such as "...index.cgi?action=search&var=val..."), but this is nontrivial.
There is no automated way to save or load complex queries; they must be recreated each time.
Workaround: If you bookmarked (saved) a complex query as in the preceding bullet you can load it again from your bookmarks.
Documentation process flow (creation, modification, deletion; permissions, change control, state changes; and so on) is not enforced at this time.

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