Josh Work Professional Organizations Trip Reports Conference Report: 1999 LISA, Announcements

The first session started with the traditional announcements from the Program Chair, David Parter:

Andrew Hume, President of the USENIX Association, requested feedback on the direction of USENIX and SAGE. If you have any comments, please feel free to forward them to him, to a member of the USENIX Board, or to a member of the SAGE Executive Committee. [Editorial note: You can send them to me and I'll forward them along if you wish.]

Hal Miller spoke next. Due to a variety of personal issues, he has retired as President of the SAGE Executive Committee (though he remains on the Committee). Barb Dijker is the new President of SAGE, effective November 9, 1999. She then stepped up and presented the 1999 SAGE Outstanding Achievement Award to Wietse Venema for his "continual work to improve the security of systems," including such tools as tcp_wrapper, satan, and postfix, as well as the coroner's toolkit.

David Parter then presented the best paper awards:

The LISA 2000 Program Chairs were announced: Remy Evard and Phil Scarr.

David next introduced our keynote speaker, Joe Ruga from NASA (now with IBM Global Services). Joe is a systems administrator in the aerospace industry and he discussed his experiences with changes in the technology industry, with owning versus leasing, centralized computing versus distributed computing, and so on. He touched briefly (too briefly, in most attendees' estimations) on managing the shuttle launches. The two most important tips he mentioned were to befriend your users (to keep them from yelling at your boss) and to document your work (to be able to understand it yourself in a month or six). In summary, things will change over time — organizations, structure, what you do, how you do it, to whom you do it — so be prepared to manage expectations.

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