Josh Work Professional Organizations Trip Reports Conference Report: 2000 LISA: Announcements

The first session started with the traditional announcements from the Program Chairs, Phil Scarr and Rémy Evard. Phil began with the following:

Thanks go to the program committee, invited talks chairs, network track coordinators, security track coordinators, guru coordinator, WIPs coordinator, the paper readers, Ellie Young and the Usenix staff, Rob Kolstad for his work in typesetting the Proceedings, Lynda McGinley for the terminal room, and all the vendors mentioned in the conference directory.

Rémy Evard then announced the best paper awards:

Dan Geer, USENIX President, announced the proposed split of USENIX and SAGE, covered elsewhere in this issue. Barb Dijker, SAGE President, echoed Dan's announcement, reiterated the desire for member feedback, and announced the 2000 SAGE Award for outstanding achievement: Celeste Stokely, for her work in collecting and distributing systems administration information for over ten years.

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