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The following was the pre-qualifying questionnaire for the LISA Quiz Show.

What does LISA abbreviate?
Large Installation Systems Administration
Extra credit given for "nothing anymore" in addition to the above

Who is ches and what book did he write?
Bill Cheswick; Chasing the Wily Hacker

In semiconductor hardware parlance, MOS abbreviates what?
Metal Oxide Silicon

Name lseek's three arguments:
File descriptor (fid), offset, and whence

What is India's currency?

Who is credited with inventing the World Wide Web?
Tim Berners-Lee
No credit for "Al Gore"

Near what very tall mountain is K2?

What cuisine includes "penne" as an adjective for one of its staples?
No credit for "pasta"

What color are the eyes of the ST:TNG character named Data?
Gold or yellow

What corporation originally created the Unix operating system?
AT&T or Bell Labs

Where is your radius?
In your arm, opposite your ulna
No credit for "firewall" or "in your computer room"

What is the latest release of Perl 5?
5.006 or 5.6

What is Microsoft's acronym for file sharing using Samba protocols (not "SMB")?

What is the name of the popular new compressed audio format?
Extra credit for folks who remember it's not new any more

What company employs Linus Torvalds?

Fill in the Monty Python blank: "Help! Help! I'm being __________!"
Partial credit for "repressed" and "suppressed"

Translate the thought "Hello" into any two non-English verbal languages with language names:
Any verbal languages allowed; Perl and C and other nonverbal languages did not count

What is the decimal value of Roman MXLVII?

How many stars are in the constellation Ursa Major?
6 or 7 because one's a double-star

What semiconductor supplier manufactured CPUs for the Sun-1?

In what year will most "32-bit Unix" clocks overflow?
2036 and we'd accept 2037

In a vacuum near Earth's surface, how far does an object fall after t seconds (give units!)?
4.92 t2 meters or 16.1 t2 feet

What is the primary cause of earth's seasons?
Tilt of the axis

What is the primary cause of earth's tides?
The moon (or its gravity)

Who composed Carmina Burana?
Carl Orff

Name two major ingredients of a roux:
Flour and butter (or fat or oil)

Whose eggs are in the New Orleans Museum of Art?
No credit for "Madonna"

When and where was the ice cream cone invented?
The 1876 St. Louis World's Fair

Name a character from Tennessee Williams' Streetcar Named Desire
Blanche DuBois, Stella DuBois Kowalski, Stanley Kowalski, Desire

Releasing a feather from a 2m stand on the moon causes the feather to fall, stay level, or slowly drift away?

What is the term for those who fear technological advances?
Credit was also given for "technophobes"

In what country did dutch tulips originate?
No credit for "Holland"

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