Josh Work Professional Organizations Trip Reports Conference Report: 2000 USENIX: Invited Talks: Providing Future Web Services

by Andy Poggio

Andy basically expanded on Bill Joy's keynote talk. The Internet has effectively begun to mimic Main Street and is beginning to provide those services that main Street cannot, such as any time and anywhere. The six webs are of relevance:

So how do we get there? Three aspects need to be worked on. First, the network has to be enhanced. Ipv6 provides more address space, better configuration management, authentication, and authorization, but has been slow to be adopted. Andy predicts wired devices will win over wireless devices, both quality of service and overprovisioning will continue, optical fiber will replace or supercede electrical (copper) wiring, and the last mile to the home or the consumer will be fiber instead of ADSL or cable modems or satellites. Second, the computer chip architecture will probably remain based on silicon for the next ten or so years. Quantum effects (see the 9am "Quantum Computing" talk for more information) show up around 0.02 microns, so we need new approaches such as optical computing, organic computing, quantum computing, or computational fogs (virtual realities). Third, Andy believes that the system architecture will connect three components — CPU server, storage devices, and the network — with some form of fast pipe, probably InfiniBand (a high-bandwidth, low-error, low-latency fast interconnect).

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