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This year's Quiz Show began with closing remarks from Mark Burgess, thanking us for attending. Dan Klein then proceeded to introduce our host, Rob Kolstad, and run the game. We've got all new software, mostly new buzzers, a new logo, and new theme music (licensed no less); and the LISA Quiz Show XP (for "extra fun," according to Rob, though based on the number of vendors who contributed items to give away, perhaps "extra prizes" would be more appropriate) was off and running.

We had the usual three rounds with three contestants each:

Game 1
Categories City Monuments, Acronyms, D Animals, Home Appliances, Exotic Dishes, and TV Shows X
Players Brandon Allbery (2800 after adjustments), Darrell Fuhriman (3300 after adjustments), Andrew MacPherson (3400 after adjustments)
Game 2
Categories Cartoon Characters, Sports, Raw Foods, E Animals, Perl, TV Shows XI
Players Tim (800), Ken Herron (1100), Doug Hughes (1600)
Game 3
Categories Autos, HTML, Airports, Ine Words, Animal Children, TV Shows XII
Players Rich Schultz (300), Mark Logan (1200), David Grieg (2200)
Categories Rivers, Novelty Songs, Weather, Ine Animals, Perversions, and RHPS
Players Andrew (2000), Doug Hughes (1300), David Grieg (2800)

Another new feature of the Quiz Show is automated closing credits, detailing the producers (Dan Klein, Rob Kolstad, and Josh Simon), the testers (Tom Limoncelli, Adam Moskowitz, Hal Pomerancz, John Sellens, and Ronise Zenon), the vendors who supplied prizes (Addison Wesley/Pearson, Computone, Eagle Software, Lumeta, O'Reilly & Associates, OpenBSD, Red Hat, Tadpole, TeamQuest, Tricord, USENIX Association, and VMware), the licensing information ("Music licensed through ASCAP and BMI"), special thanks to the MSI audio/visual team, and that next year's LISA is in Philadelphia in November 2002.

Prizes for the contestants included the following:

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