Josh Work Professional Organizations Trip Reports Conference Report: USENIX 2001: USENIX Quiz Show

The contestants and scores are:

Game 1Christopher Davis (3500) Steve McIntyre (2900)Perry Metzger (900)
Game 2Matt Crosby (700) Mark Langston (2000)Andy Tannenbaum (2100)
Game 3Michael Buselli (1400) Jim Larson (2900)Ethan Miller (3500)
FinalsChristopher Davis (1700) Andy Tannenbaum (1300)Ethan Miller (5700)
Tournament of ChampionsTrey Harris (1900) Aaron Mandel (2100)Ethan Miller (2100)

So in the tie-breaker Aaron scored 500 and Ethan — who turns out to be a professor at University of California at Santa Clara — scored 1000 to be the grand winner.

The USENIX Quiz Show has been produced by Rob Kolstad, Dan Klein, Dave Parter, and Josh Simon. Testers were Rik Farrow and Greg Rose. Our Prize Mistress, Vanna Off-White, was played by Pat Wilson. Special thanks to MSI for audio/video assistance. Prizes were provided by USENIX, Radware, O'Reilly, Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley, ActiveState, Tandberg, SEI/CERT, and Integrated Computer Solutions. This has been a Klein/Kolstad Prodction. Copyright © 2001.

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