Josh Work Professional Organizations Trip Reports Conference Report: 2002 LISA Quiz Show

At last, the culmination of two days of my efforts (as well as a lot of time from Rob, Dan, our volunteer testers, our production staff, and so on): The Quiz Show. We went through the usual 3-contestants-per-round, 3-rounds-plus-finals again. Categories included Batman, Celebrity Geeks, Famous Lovers, Hosts (famous hosts), Name That Daemon, News Anchors (fill in the missing half of the name or the partner), Parse This (anagrams for "parse"), Showbiz, and Unix Files.

All three initial rounds were close-fought matches with the winner decided only in the last few questions. The inidividual round winners were Cory Bosley, Doug Hughes, and Paul Sand. The grand prize winner was Paul Sand, beating Doug Hughes by a narrow margin of 600 points (or the last 2 questions).

Three funny moments from the show are worth mentioning:

Grand fun.

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