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The conference program was exciting. The general track had 105 papers submitted (up 28% from 82 in 2001) and accepted 25 (19 from students, 4 non-American); the Freenix track had 53 submitted (up from 52 in 2001) and accepted 26 (7 from students).

The two annual USENIX-given awards were presented by outgoing USENIX Board president Dan Geer. The USENIX Lifetime Achievement Award (also known as the "Flame" because of the shape of the award) went to James Gosling for his contributions including the Pascal compiler for Multics, emacs, an early SMP Unix, work on X11 and Sun's windowing system, the first enscript, and Java. The Software Tools Users Group (STUG) Award was presented to the Apache Foundation and accepted by Rasmus Lerdorf. In addition to the well-known web server, Apache produces Jakarta, mod_perl, mod_tcl, and XML parser, with over 80 members in at least 15 countries.

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