* Recent Changes *

This page covers recent changes to the following MUD pages:
o The MUD Resource Collection
o The Almost-Complete List of MUSHes
o The Automated MUSH List
o MUD Home Page Links
Number of recent visitors with graphical browsers: [Many]
o March 13th, 1997
o Modified entry for The MUD Connector.
o Added link to the NooDDle Project.
o January 16th, 1997
o Added link to ftp.game.org.
o January 11th, 1997
o Updated link to Jen Clodius' papers.
o December 18th, 1996
o Made www.clock.org sole home of the Collection.
o Updated link: MUDdex history page.
o Updated link: Juliann's MUSH list.
o Added link: Juliann's MUSH Matrix.
o Added link: MUSEnet's home page.
o Added link: construct.net's Cyberspace resources.
o Added link: Julian Dibbell's papers.
o Added link: Daniel Pargman's home page.
o Added link: Studying MUD Technology.
o August 29th, 1996
o Moved pages to www.clock.org
o Updated many things.
o June 17th, 1996
o Added link: Mudslide Java client.
o Added link: maddog's studio.
o Added link: TinyMUSH for the Mac.
o Added link: Sherry Turkle Technology Review interview.
o Address changes:
Audacter Ire, Dark Gift, Masquerade, Mayhem MUX, NeatoMUSH, Transformers 2005, Transformers 2nd Generation, Zone
o Automatic List address additions:
Clone Wars, Dark Dreams, FrontierMUSH, Gohzen, The Reckoning, Rhostshyl, RiftMUSH, SpuzzyMUSH, SW Beyond Chaos, SW Minos Cluster, Unnamed MUSH
o Added MUSH entries:
AuroraMUSH, fruitMUSH, London by Gaslight, Megadodo MUSH, Paris: Les Fleurs du Mal, Vanishing Point

o April 10th, 1996
o Added link: Graphical MUDs and Multi-Payer Games
o Added link: PointWorld
o Added link: Phoenix MOO client (under development)
o Added link: Chiba MOO
o Added link: MOO WWW Implementations
o Added link: WAXweb
o Added link: web2mush paper

o March 28th, 1996
o Added address: Gemini MUSH.
o Changed address: Dawn Sisters.
o Added link: Communication in the Virtual Classroom paper.

o March 25th, 1996
o Added address: Alter-X MUSH.
o Changed address: Bhelliom MUX.
o Added address: Carpe Noctem.
o Added address: Citadel MUX II.
o Added address: High Seas MUX.
o Added address: Mayhem MUX.
o Added address: Nine Princes.
o Added address: Strange New Worlds TrekMUSH.
o Added address: Transformers Second Generation.
o Added address: Twilight MUSH.
o Added address: Twist of Fate.
o Added address: Virtual Rome.

o March 21st, 1996
o Changed links: caisr2.caisr.cwru.edu FTP archive moved to ftp.tinymush.org

o March 18th, 1996
o Added links: reviews of Sherry Turkle's latest book.
o Added link: Text-based Virtual Reality resources.

o March 18th, 1996
o Changed address: Elendor MUSH.
o Added links: Sherry Turkle's papers.
o Added link: Electric Communities website.

o March 17th, 1996
o Continued this round of updates.
o Changed address: Anime MUSH.
o Changed address: CryptMUSH.
o Changed address: DarkWeb.
o Changed address: The Dreaming.
o Changed address: PernMUSH.
o Added entry: New Horizons MUSH.

o March 7th, 1996
o Continued this round of updates.
o Added link to Macintosh MUD Resources.
o Added link to Yahoo's MUD page.
o Updated many, many addresses on the automated MUSH list. (Next step: update the regular list.)

o February 25th, 1996
o Began the next round of updates.
o Added link to Rhonda's basics pages.
o Added note on status of caisr2 MUSH ftp site.
o Added link to WinSock Client Page.
o Added link to the TinyMUX ftp site.
o Added new URL for Doran's MUDlist.
o Added link to Julianna's MUSH list.
o Changed address of the Lysator MUD pages.

o November 29th, 1995
o Added access counters to pages.

o November 22nd, 1995
o Reorganization of the main page
The MUD Resource Collection page itself topped 30K, and I decided that, considering the number of hits these pages get, this was probably an unreasonable amount of stuff to have the fileserver continuously spewing out. The Collection has therefore been broken down into a series of smaller pages.
o Added link: Sunsite Papers on Synchronous Communications
o Added link: smack's partial index of the UTexas ACTLAB gopher
o Added link: James O'Donnell's New Tools for Teaching
o Added link: ChibaMOO Papers

o November 19th, 1995
o Added link: moo-ed archive
o Added link: German CMC page
o Added link: MediaMOO Bibliography of Electronic Sources
o Added link: Electronic Journal of Virtual Culture
o Added link: ThesisNet FAQ
o Changed link: Jen Clodius' papers
Moved the SolSys paper under a link for her home page, and added her other papers.

o November 18th, 1995
o Updated entry: XystMUSH

o November 14th, 1995
o Added link: Marvin's JCMC paper, "Spoof, Spam, Lurk, and Lag"
o Added link: Dever and Love's paper, "The Real Pleasure of the Virtual"

o November 2nd, 1995
o Updated entry: Battlestar MUSH
o Updated entry: World of Pain

o November 1st, 1995
o Split up the Changes page.
o Extensive revision to main page, separating research-oriented stuff.
o Added link: Encyclopedia of MUDs
o Added link: Pueblo Multimedia Client
o Added link: Tolkien Computer Games
o Changed link: Remy Evard's page
o Changed link: WWW MUD Connector
o Changed link: Jamie Norrish's page
o Reorganization of the MUSH list, splitting it up into several smaller pages.
o Changed address: Altered Dimensions
o Added entry: Audacter Ire
o Changed address: Bhelliom
o Changed address: Dark Metal
o Added entry: DC Universe MUSH
o Moved to defunct list: Elenium
o Changed address: Enchanted Path
o Changed address: Future Realms
o Changed entry: Guardians
o Changed entry: Legion Outpost
o Added entry: Marvel 2099
o Changed entry: OtherMUSH
o Changed address: OtherWorlds
o Changed address: Purgatory
o Changed address: RivaMUSH
o Added entry: Royalty MUSH
o Changed address: Star Wars II
o Moved to defunct list: SwordsMUSH
o Changed address: Texas Twilight
o Moved to defunct list: Tower of London
o Changed address: Transformers MUSH
o Changed address: TrippyMUSH
o Updated entry: The Storyteller's Circle
o Changed address: Veil of Seduction
o Added entry: World of Pain
o These pages should now be more or less up to date.

o October 31st, 1995
o Changed address and entry: Acer Isle

o October 30th, 1995
o Added link: CyberAnthropology Page
o Added entry: Canada MUSH
o Added entry: Charon MUSH
o Removed entry: City of Darkness (down permanently)
o Changed address: Dark Gift
o Added entry: DoubleCross
o Changed address: Elysium
o Changed address: Flux
o Added entry: FreeNarnia
o Added entry: Full Circle
o Removed entry: GalaxyMUSH (down permanently)
o Added entry: Kindred MUX
o Added entry: L.A. By Night
o Added entry: Living Fiction
o Added entry: Midnight Sun
o Added entry: The Ministry
o Added entry: Mountain Cauldron
o Updated entry: Narnia Golden (was NarniaMUSH)
o Added entry: NeatoMUSH
o Added entry: NeonMUSH
o Added entry: NexusMUX
o Added entry: Nightfall
o Added entry: Nihilism
o Added entry: Northern Temptations
o Added entry: Pax Magica
o Added entry: Purgatory
o Added entry: RealmsMUX
o Added entry: Robotech
o Added entry: Star Wars: the Movie MUSH
o Changed address: Storyteller's Circle
o Changed address: Texas Twilight
o Changed address: TooMUSH
o Added entry: Urban Legends
o Added entry: Waterdeep MUX
o Reviews are still not up to date.

o September 23rd, 1995
o Changed address: Acer Isle
o Changed address: Dragonlance MUSH
o Changed address: Dune II
o Changed address: Gohs
o Changed address: NeverEnding Story
o Changed address: OtherMUSH
o Changed address: TrippyMUSH
o Changed address: Star Wars III
o Changed address: The Storyteller's Circle
o Changed address: Veil of Seduction
o Changed address: VenuxMUX
o Updated entry: Dune II
o Most addresses should now be up to date. Updated reviews and new MUSHes coming soon.

o September 21st, 1995
o Added entry: The WELL's Virtual Community Index
o Added entry: link to full text of Howard Rheingold's The Virtual Community
o Many more updates soon. I promise.

o September 14th, 1995
o Added entry: Diversity University Journal
o Added entry: The Pueblo Project documents
o Added entry: uSuRa's Final MUD and MOO Server
o Added entry: Virtual Interface Technology Bibliography
o Added entry: MacUser article
o Changed address: Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
o A really, really, large backlog of updates.

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