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We're here and we're awesome! Do you need a better reason?

Fine. The Ann Arbor area is the state's rare jewel: A small, friendly town with big city sophistication; a world-class educational and high-tech research center nestled in a peaceful rural setting; a close-knit community of charming neighborhoods with a rich mix of cultures.

Although geographically small (28.2 mi²), the area is perhaps most renowned for its cultural offerings. From exclusive art exhibits to performances by jazz legends, there are abundant opportunities to enjoy arts and culture. More than 30 independent bookstores, dozens of unique galleries, and a variety of top-notch museums are all within the downtown limits.

The Ann Arbor area also offers a bounty of recreational activities for those looking to golf, hike, or cycle, and three metroparks are within a short drive of the city center.

Dining aficionados will appreciate the nearly 300 restaurants within a 20-mile radius of Ann Arbor. Options range from old-fashioned Italian bistros to trendy, contemporary American restaurants. Many offer alfresco dining in the warmer months, which, when combined with the array of jazz and dance clubs in the area, makes downtown Ann Arbor a vibrant destination for nightlife.

Ann Arbor is also home to The University of Michigan, with over 42,000 students (only a few of whom will be here in the summer), 20 libraries, 10 museums, and over 3,100 acres (including 350 acres of botanical gardens and 123 acres of arboretum). U-M offers over 600 academic programs.

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