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Campus and Downtown

Ignoring national chains, here are some restaurants that you might consider if you've got an extended stay or if you're in town for lunch on Friday. The list assumes you're walking around campus or the downtown shopping districts, and that all of them are open, which may not be an accurate assessment.

Restaurant Address Cuisine(s)
Amer's Mediterranean Deli 312 S State St Mediterranean, American
Angelo's Restaurant 1100 Catherine St American
Arbor Brewing Company 114 E Washington St American
Ashley's 338 S State St American
Blimpy Burger 551 S Division St Burgers
Blue Nile 221 E Washington Ethiopian
Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery 207 E Washington American
Brown Jug 1204 S University Ave American
BTB 1140 S University Ave Burritos
China Gate 1201 S University Ave Americanized Chinese
Cottage Inn 512 E William Italian
The Earle 121 W Washington St French
Good Time Charley's 1140 S University Ave American
Grizzly Peak 120 W Washington St American
Pizza House 618 Church St Italian
Restaurant Address Cuisine(s)
Prickly Pear 328 S Main St Mexican
Quickie Burger 800 S State St Burgers
Real Seafood Company 341 S Main St American
Red Hawk Bar & Grill 316 S State St American
Sabor Latino Restaurant 211 S State St Latin
Sava's 216 S State St American
Saigon Garden 1220 S University Ave Vietnamese, Chinese
Seva 314 E Liberty St Vegetarian
Shalimar 307 S Main St Indian
Siam Cuisine 313 Braun Ct Thai 715 N University Ave Japanese
Taste of Italy 808 S State St Italian
TK Wu 510 E Liberty St Authentic Chinese
Totoro 215 S State St Japanese
Zingerman's Delicatessen 422 Detroit St New York Style Deli

Items that are grayed out (like this) are or may be restaurants already on our itinerary — definitely Arbor Brewing Company for Friday dinner, Zingerman's Deli for Saturday lunch, and Blue Tractor for Sunday dinner — so you may not want to visit them an additional time.

North Side

These will be mostly the breakfast-on-your-own places for Friday and Saturday, as we've got Dim Sum for brunch on Sunday. We will have the Stragglers' Breakfast on Monday at the Northside Grill. Arthur and Bitty have some mini-reviews of restaurants including several on the north side.

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