Lydia's Current MUD Projects

My current MUD-related projects include the following:
o Moderating the USENET newsgroup
Submissions to the group should go to and private communications for the moderator should go to
o Working on MUSH server code.
I used to maintain PennMUSH, but it's now in the capable hands of Alan "Javelin" Schwartz and the PennMUSH mailing list. I do some work on TinyMUSH 2.0, in conjunction with the MushHacks mailing list. Finally, I'm one of the primary maintainers of TinyMUSH 2.2.
o Updating the MUSH Manual.
o Maintaining a bunch of World-Wide Web pages.
Check out the MUD Resource Collection, Amberyl's Almost-Complete List of MUSHes, The Automated MUSH List, a list of MUD Home Page Links, and the Changes Page for all of it.
o Pax Magica god.
I'm currently working on setting up a new MUSH called Pax Magica, and mainaining its home page. It's based on the Mythic Europe of the Ars Magica roleplaying game, and will hopefully provide a high-quality roleplaying environment focused upon the city of Venice in the year 1201, just prior to the Fourth Crusade.
o AmberMUSH wizard.
I'm heavily involved in AmberMUSH, as both a code wizard and the feature character Deirdre and a prop controller of the shadow Parys. You can also find me, as Fluff, hanging out with other AmberMUSH players on TooMUSH, where I'm also a wizard (not that this necessarily means anything on TooMUSH).
o Consulting technical wizard.
I'm peripherally involved in various MUSHes as what might best be described as a technical consultant; I'm generally available for help anyway, but my close associations include PernMUSH, where I was a wizard for four years, and Bloodletting: Dublin by Night, where I am a largely-absent code wizard.
o Playing an awful lot of MUDs.
My heavy involvement in MUDs has led me to spend at least a little bit of time on most of the MUSHes out there, and I LP-MUD on occasion, though I forcibly broke myself of that habit cold-turkey after a particularly unproductive summer doing nothing but working myself up to the thankless position of ArchWizard on Midnight XTC.
o Reminiscing.
I've held wizbits on some two dozen MUSHes thus far, and played countless more. I can quickly get nostalgic about The Belgariad MUSH, or grumble about Robotech MUSH, both of which I used to run; I'll also occasionally mumble about the good ol' days of MythMUSH and TinyKrynn, or whatever else you might care to trigger my memory of.

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Lydia Leong / / July 17th, 1995