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The change log for this web site is shown below.

Date   Description
2013 06 24   Added trip report links to pictures page.
Performed final cleanup.
2013 06 23   Cleaned up con.packet to strike out unused venues.
Removed the in-case-of-rain restaurant from the restaurant and schedule pages.
Added "meet 30 minutes before" note to the schedule page.
Updated intro para text into past tense.
Linked in Josh's pictures.
Corrected typos.
2013 06 22   Swapped out the restaurant for the Stragglers' Breakfast on the restaurant and schedule pages.
2013 06 21   Updated the Cranbrook trip start time on the day trips page.
Updated the schedule page with carpool details.
Moved dinner Sunday to 7pm.
2013 06 20   Updated the con.packet PDF URLs.
2013 06 18   Added cell phone numbers to the committee page.
Linked in con.packet PDFs.
Updated Friday dinner location on the schedule page.
2013 06 15   Added note about Holiday Inn signage changes to home and hotel pages.
Updated the base schedule page.
Updated the Detroit tour and created the day trips page.
2013 06 11   Removed Thursday Tiger's game from the schedule.
Updated both the Detroit tour and schedule pages with more information on the Friday day trips.
Removed comment about now-closed T-shirt poll.
2013 06 08   Expanded discussion on the T-shirt poll.
Linked to the Ramkosch Reviews blog page on the restaurant page.
2013 06 07   Added T-shirt design and links to sizing/payment poll.
2013 06 02   Closed out the Event and Meal polls.
Updated home page to reflect poll closing.
Added stub to restaurant page for north side dining options, and clarified Saturday and Sunday dinner choices.
Added Top of the Park evening concert schedule to schedule page.
2013 05 20   Added links on the Detroit tour page.
2013 05 19   Cleaned up the hotel page to reflect confirmation of the primary and low-cost
Updated transportation page with additional information.
Hammered out remaining details for the schedule, including final restaurant choices and inclement weather plans.
2013 05 17   Added page about Detroit tour options.
2013 05 16   Moved older changes to their own page.
Added poll closing date (June 1).
2013 05 15   Updated the schedule to reflect actual times (including travel) for the Tiger's game.
2013 05 10   Corrected the event planning poll links.
2013 04 29   Added the Contra and Square Dance to the schedule page.
2013 04 17   Added links to the canoe livery to the schedule page.
2013 04 06   Added links to the About Us page.
2013 04 05   Added links to new polls for event and meal attendance.
Updated schedule with placeholders for breakfast Fri and Sat.
Updated T-shirt page.
2013 03 06   Added a link to the newly-populated (stub) T-shirt page.
2013 03 05   Added another video to the About Ann Arbor page.
2013 02 26   Added the group email address to the committee page.
Added explanation on pet limitations to the hotel page.
2013 02 24   Added additional cross-reference links.
Corrected various typos.
Added additional restaurants.
Added icons to transportation page.
2013 02 22   Added a Google Maps link to the hotel page.
Tweaked the transportation page with more information about U-M blue bus routes and consistent formatting with the rest of the site.
Added segway tour of Detroit to the Saturday afternoon options.
2013 02 21   Confirmed that Sunday will be dim sum and not brunch, and moved it to be earlier so people attending the baseball game can still join the rest of us for the meal.
Recommended the hotels, with both low-cost and full-rate options.
2013 02 17   Launched the new web mini-site.

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