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Clean bird.

Stuff bird with stuffing (see "stuffing") — 45-50% in the neck cavity; the rest in the rear or the bird. (For a 14# turkey, it should all fit. Barely.) Fold legs into bracket *or* tie back with twine. Bind bird twice (to hold wings into bird body) with twine.

Grease bird (use margarine stick wrappers from stuffing; qv).

Sprinkle paprika, onion, and garlic on bird (top & bottom; lighter on the bottom, no onion on the bottom (not that it matters)).

Cook 20-22 minutes per pound at 325 F.

While cooking, cover the bird with a foil "tent" such that the bird is covered but the tent doesn't touch the sides of the bird. Leave the front/back of the pan open.

For the last hour, cook *untented* and baste every fifteen minutes. Be sure to baste the whole bird, not just parts of it.

Serving suggestions

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