Josh Work Awards

In my professional career I've received several awards:

Year(s) Company or Organization Award Description
1993 CONVEX SIS Special Award While working for CONVEX, I was sole author (though I had an illustrator and editors) of a book on using the CONVEX Comprehensive Online Bug Report & Administration (COBRA) system for the Technical Assistance Center and Engineering organizations. The system included all customer-related information, such as incoming calls and e-mailed problem reports, bugs and enhancement requests, field engineers' contact and pager information, hardware serial numbers for inventory control, and so on. For my efforts I was given a special award at an all-hands company meeting in 1993.
1996–1998 Sprint Paranet Silver Eagle While working for Sprint Paranet, I received a total of six (6) Silver Eagle awards for exceptional performance as determined by my clients.
1997 Sprint Paranet Para100 Award In 1997 I billed 100% of my possible hours (assuming a 42.5-hour week to cover holidays and vacations). Sprint Paranet rewarded me with their Para100 award.
1998 Sprint Paranet Gold Eagle While working for Sprint Paranet, I received a Gold Eagle award for exceptional performance as determined by my teammates and colleagues.
2003 SAGE Certificate of Appreciation The System Administrators Guild (SAGE) awarded me a certificate of appreciation for the work done as a member of the Executive Committee and as the lead of the web services team.
2011 U-M LSA Staff Spotlight In 2011 my web services team won the Staff Spotlight award, as nominated by our customers. We'd improved back-end processes and code management, provided better training for our customers, provided a more-common look-and-feel and experience for both editors and readers, and greatly increased customer satisfaction.
2012 CASE Gold Award The Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) awarded the U-M LSA marketing team (of which my web services team was part) their gold award for best electronic newsletter for the LSA home page.
2014 U-M LSA Outstanding Team Award (Finalist) For our work on developing a new WordPress-based web service, from design through implementation and operations, the Faculty, Lab, and Research Website team was a finalist (read: runner-up) in the college's 2014 staff recognition awards.
2016 ACM SIGUCCS Best of Category, Computing Newsletter The Michigan IT Newsletter (for which I'm a contributing editor) won the ACM Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services (SIGUCCS) Best of Category for Computing Newsletter in 2016.

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