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Welcome to the motss.con.xxvi (Ann Arbor, MI) home page! We hope you enjoyed our fair city and had a great time with us this summer. We had events from the Foodie dinner on Thursday, June 20th, through the Stragglers' Breakfast on Monday, June 24th, 2013, and provided additional suggestions for those arriving early or staying late.

This mini-site provides all of the information in our original con.proposal organized into sections and updated with the latest and greatest information. Click a link in the menu above or here in the body text for more details about Ann Arbor, the committee, the hotel, the schedule, and transportation in and around Ann Arbor.

We've also provided the con.packet, PDFs of directions to and from the hotel and all events, as well as the schedule and some general information about navigating in and around Ann Arbor.

Be advised: The Holiday Inn was undergoing external renovation with some noise outside (between 8:30am and 6:00pm daily). Their renovation included the removal of the external on-building signage, though the entrance sign remained.
Please note: If you're a US citizen planning on jumping over to Canada during your travels, please remember to bring your passport or RFID-enhanced driver's license. "Regular" driver's licenses are no longer sufficient for crossing the US-Canada border.

Now that the con's almost over, Josh's cell-phone pictures are online.

Change Log

2013 06 24   Added trip report links to pictures page.
Performed final cleanup.
2013 06 23   Cleaned up con.packet to strike out unused venues.
Removed the in-case-of-rain restaurant from the restaurant and schedule pages.
Added "meet 30 minutes before" note to the schedule page.
Updated intro para text into past tense.
Linked in Josh's pictures.
Corrected typos.
2013 06 22   Swapped out the restaurant for the Stragglers' Breakfast on the restaurant and schedule pages.
2013 06 21   Updated the Cranbrook trip start time on the day trips page.
Updated the schedule page with carpool details.
Moved dinner Sunday to 7pm.
2013 06 20   Updated the con.packet PDF URLs.
2013 06 18   Added cell phone numbers to the committee page.
Linked in con.packet PDFs.
Updated Friday dinner location on the schedule page.
Older changes have been moved to their own page.

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