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[SM] Absolute MUSH: located at 6250.
(7/4/95) This is a small, semi-private UK-local social MUSH, of the typical buddies-getting-together type.

[ED] AcademICK!: located at 7777.
(8/19/96 -- <Ambar>)A small academic MUSH containing various classroom and building projects.

[PM] Aftermath: located at 2018. >(8/19/96 -- <Ambar>) Review forthcoming.

[SM] Altered Dimensions III: located at 6250.
(9/26/94) New review forthcoming.

[RP] AmberMUSH: located at 5150.
Based on the world of Roger Zelazny's Amber novels, and the Amber Diceless RPG from Phage Press. Its emphasis is cooperative storytelling. Character registration is required, with AmberMUSH has a home page and an FTP site, which contains, among other things, the ASCII version of the Player's Guide (which is also available in HTML format). Players may also find it helpful to read the (incomplete) Shadow Guide. Sorcerors might also want to look at the Sorcery Guide. A reference for Chaos nomenclature can be found in another FTP directory provided by one of its players (currently defunct). You might also enjoy the satires of Amber written by various players. Finally, there is also the DRPG FTP site.

[TH] AmtMUX: located at 1995.
(7/30/96 -- <Ambar>) Hard to tell exactly what this MUX is, as it's entirely lacking in a customized news file. Billed as "The offical [sic] MUX of Amtgard, Inc", it has vaguely tavernish and fantasyish pretensions. If we figure out more, we'll report back.

[TH] AnimeMUSH: located at 6260.
(7/4/95) A social-sort-of MUSH centered around an anime theme. Originally created as an alternative to AnimeMUCK, it's now simply a small place with a few reasonably friendly people. The theme is not strictly enforced. Be forewarned, the network link is extremely slow.

[SM] ApexMUSH: located at 4201.
A relatively small social/building MUSH, which nonetheless has its own loyal following.

[SM] Aquatia/Stormwatch: located at 6250.
(8/19/96) -- <Ambar> Review forthcoming.


[TH] Battlestar MUSH: located at 4201.
(4/20/95) This MUSH is based on the television show "Battlestar Galactica". It's a roleplaying MUSH with a strong combat component. Details are available on its home page.

[PM] Belior Rising: located at 4301.
Another PernMUSH, this one only recently started. It is set in the Tenth Pass, and is still very small. An email address is required when a character is created. This MUSH has a home page.

[DY] Bhelliom: located at 4208.
(5/20/95) Based upon David Eddings' Elenium, this MUSH is set one hundred years after the events in the books. This MUSH is the "sequel" to Elenium MUSH. More information is available via its home page.

[ST] Bloodletting: Dublin by Night: located at 4991.
(10/18/94) Yes, it's one more StoryTeller MUSH. This one is intended to focus on roleplay above statistics and rules, as well as incorporating the forthcoming Changeling material from White Wolf. It is intended to be a tinyplot-rich environment, particularly for mortal characters, and it emphasizes a "realistic" approach to Dublin.


[ST] Cajun Nights: located at 7373.
Another World of Darkness MUSH, this one based in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

[RP] Camelot MUSH: located at 5440.
(8/23/94) A MUSH based on the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table legends. Character creation is open, but concepts must be registered via email to The setting is primarily taken from Mallory. This game is unrelated to the other Camelot MUSH. As of 6/20/95, this game is down for the next several weeks. It will return on a new site, with a brand-new database.

[SM] Canada MUSH: located at 1867.
(10/30/95) Review forthcoming.

[ST] Carpem Nocte: located at 9099.
(7/30/96) World of Darkness, this time in 1355 in England. Review forthcoming. There is a homepage.

[TH] Castle D'Image: located at 5555.
(3/2/95) On December 9th, 1994, an administrative schism on ImageCastle MUSH resulted in a split of the two MUSHes. Castle d'Image was begun, on the same machine, using the same database, as of the day of that split. Essentially, both MUSHes are light-roleplaying and social MUSHes within a medieval theme.

[ST] Charon: located at 8250.
Supposedly set in Italy during the 1200s, this game apparently completely ignores any attempt at historical accuracy, though there might be a certain internal consistency to its customized setting fabrications. The entire thing looks like an AmberMUSH (or Patternfall MUSH) wannabe.

[SM] CheersMUSH: located at 9999.
Based on the TV show Cheers, although it has a more general theme of "television". It's quite small and relatively empty. Performance is noticeably degraded by use of several extremely computationally expensive global commands; if you experience lag, this is likely the cause. This MUSH seems to be permanently down, as of 11/1/94.

[BK] Children of the Atom: located at 2099.
(3/2/95) This MUSH, based upon the X-Men comic books, diverges at the point of New Mutants #51, X-Factor #13, and Uncanny X-Men #214. This is a roleplaying MUSH, and feature characters are available. More information is available from its FTP site and home page.

[BK] Children of the Fall: located at 2222.
Based on the ElfQuest comics of Wendy and Richard Pini, this is set after Kings of the Broken Wheel. This game is still under construction. This MUSH appears to be permanently down, as of 11/1/94.

[TH] Chivalry MUSH: located at 7301.
(5/17/95) Despite its name, this is not an Arthurian MUSH, as its predecessor was; this is a somewhat-loosely-themed roleplaying MUSH which is set in a world that combines magic and technology. It is a relatively small game.

[SM] ChristianMUSH: located at 6250.
(4/29/95, no successful connects after 5/17/95) The idea of setting up a social MUSH for Christians to gather on is perhaps a worthy one, but one wishes that some -- any! -- forethought had been given as to its execution. It appears as if someone decided to dig a couple of rooms, link them together, give them general purposes, and then announce to the world, "Hey, please come here." If, of course, one wants to use this sort of environment as the equivalent of an IRC channel on religion, this isn't problematic (aside from the usual problems of social gatherings of this type, of course).

[RP] Chrome II MUX: located at 2020.
(7/30/96 -- <Ambar>) This is a cyberpunk MUSH based upon the RPG Cyberpunk:2020. Still very much under construction; there is a homepage. Have a wide pipe to the Internet or the graphics on the page will flatten you.

[ST] City of Darkness: located at 2000.
Based on White Wolf's Storyteller Games and the World of Darkness setting, and other horror-genre works. The setting is modern-day Manchester, England. Despite admin efforts to the contrary, it has lots of vampire poseurs hanging out in bars and copping an attitude. This is a medium-sized MUSH, administrated in a coherent fashion. Down permanently, as of 10/30/95, due to site problems.

[RP] Conspiracy!: located at 1066.
This is a psuedo-historical medieval-themed MUSH. Although not actually set in Western Europe, the intent is to duplicate the setting and the conditions; the area is called "Cardas", and the tone is the Middle Ages as they "should have been" (although plagues and the like exist). The game is still very small. This MUSH has a home page.

[RP] CryptMUSH: located at 7171.
(9/95) My original opinion of this place: Here's a MUSH which really wants to be TSR's Ravenloft setting, but can't, because it violates copyright. Therefore, the names and the really nifty atmospheric details have been removed, leaving something which likes to think it's medieval horror. The roleplaying system wants to be the Amber Diceless RPG system, but isn't that either. This is a game which desperately wants to be coherent, and isn't. The game is now in its umpteenth administrative shakedown and revamping; at least each revision does seem to bring improvement. In fact, it looks moderately decent at the moment. Review forthcoming.

[BK] CrystalMUSH: located at 6886.
Based on Anne McCaffrey's Crystal Singer novels. A quiet but nicely done little place.

[TH] CyberMUSH: located at 6250.
A loosely themed social MUSH with virtually no players. Character registration is required, with, and there is no Guest character. This game is also plagued by an extraordinarily, almost unbearably, slow connection to the outside world.


[ST] The Damned: located at 6250.
A World of Darkness MUSH set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its primary emphasis is on the Camarilla Vampires. Though this game is quite popular, there have been repeated allegations that Staff members here are prone to abuse their wizard powers, and are not disciplined when caught (and, furthermore, that the God, Democracy, is, more often than not, a raving lunatic); those uneasy about such things may want to find another StoryTeller MUSH (and there are LOTS of them) to spend their time on. More information is available via its FTP site. Now, back in December, this MUSH died what was apparently a fiery death by administrative schism, resulting in The Damned, and a split-off derivative called Dark Gift (which has its own separate entry). This entry will be removed whenever someone with authority decides whether or not The Damned is really dead and gone, or not.

[ST] Danse Macabre: located at 9999.
(3/2/95) You guessed it, it's a World of Darkness MUSH, at least loosely. This time, the setting is Paris, in 1356. It is intended to be "historically accurate" (within reason, of course). The policies show a distinct AmberMUSH influence, with weak-consent and negotiation emphasized as conflict-resolution mechanisms. Please note, however, that the usual number-crunching White Wolf system has been preserved; this is not a diceless game. Furthermore, the MUSH has three dozen administrators, quite a few of them apparently overzealous twink-patrollers. Roleplay is evidently faction-based, but the factions seem to place their emphasis upon recruiting more members, rather than actually going out and doing things. Time and effort seems to have been put into this game, though, so perhaps there's hope. More information is available via its home page (which, I must say, is a truly excellent compendium of resources for medieval France and related matters).

[ST] Dark Gift: located at 6251.
(3/2/95) This MUSH used to be The Damned, except, back in December, an administrative schism tore the place into two MUSHes. Both places were quite convinced theirs was the One True Way (of course), and in general, a lot of childish carrying-on was done for a month or two. The dust seems to have settled now, with Dark Gift remaining the Pittsburgh-by-Night MUSH, and The Damned settling into a well-deserved ignominy. Scratch one more White Wolf World of Darkness MUSH. As of 5/18/95, Dark Gift is homeless and searching for a new site.

[ST] Dark Metal: located at 9999.
(3/6/95, last successful connect on 11/12/94, returned 10/95) Southern California ('LATMA' -- the Los Angeles, Tijuana Metropolitan Area) in the year 2020, World of Darkness style. This is a post-cataclysmic game, where the supernatural has become known.

[ST] DarkWeb: located at 6251.
(8/2/94) "San Jose by Fright", is the subtitle of this World of Darkness MUSH, focusing on "the dark side of Silicon Valley". It's a modern-era game, utilizing the usual Werewolf, Vampire, Mage and Wraith rules, with plans for supporting Changeling in the future. Reorganization of the staff from its initial unwieldly number has led to a streamlined administrative structure separating janitorial from roleplay-administration tasks. More information is availableon its FTP site and home page.

[DY] Dark Zone: located at 9590.
(4/20/95) This is a space exploration, space roleplaying game, which is still under construction. More information is available via its home page.

[PM] Dawn Sisters: located at 9944.
Set in post-Ninth-Pass Pern, this is the only Pern-based MUSH to fully recognize the discoveries in the last Pern novel, All the Weyrs of Pern. This is a world where the dragonriders are no longer welcome, and the societal order is breaking down. A very small game. Character registrations require providing a brief character history and outline; requests should be emailed to More information is available on its home page.

[BK] DC Universe MUSH: located at 3333.
(11/1/95) DCU merges Legion Outpost MUSH and All-Star MUSH to form this game, where players have a choice between 1942, 1995, and 2995 (the Golden Age, Modern Age, and Future Age). Review forthcoming.

[SM] Deep Seas: located at 6250.
A social MUSH in an underwater setting. It is the latest of the "Random and Moira" MUDs, which include TinyHELL, Chaos, Asylum, DreamScape, and Space Madness. A lot of "MUD dinos" hang out here. Character registration is required; email for one.

[PM] Desert Wings: located at 4201.
(3/2/95) This is Yet Another Pern MUSH. This time, the setting is pre-Eleventh-Pass, with no discovery of the super-high-tech AIVAS. Innovation has been proceeding along without it, though, and thus the "feel" of the game is intended to be more Renaissance than medieval. More information is available on its home page.

[SM] DoggieMUSH: located at 8888.
(12/9/94, no recent successful connect) This unthemed social MUSH is one of those sorts of places which exist because someone was bored, had some friends, and decided to put together a place to be silly and self-congratulatory.

[ST] DoubleCross: located at 6250.
(10/30/95) Review forthcoming.

[PM] DragonDawn: located at 2222.
This Pern-based MUSH is set in the Second Pass of the Red Star, when some technology was still available and the societal structure was not as tightly developed. It is quite small.

[PM] DragonDreams MUSH: located at 8888.
(3/5/95) In this latest installment of Pern-variant MUSHes, this one is set shortly before the Eleventh Pass of the Red Star. This time, the technological wondercomputer AIVAS was discovered, just like it was in Anne McCaffrey's novels, and life on the planet settled down into idyllic complacency, with the dragonrider population decreasing, but, for whatever reason, the Red Star's coming back to drop Thread on the planet again, so it's time for everyone to look sharp. There is a homepage.

[BK] DragonLance: located at 6666.
(4/20/95) Based upon TSR's DragonLance novels (originally authored by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, and in recent years farmed out to everyone TSR could get its hands on). The setting is the end of the War of the Lance. The RPG system used is not AD&D Dragonlance, but rather a homebrew system. This game was down all of the fall and winter of '94 from loss of site, and just recently acquired a new home. It is thus still in a "construction" phase, more or less.

[DY] DuneMUSH II: located at 4201.
The sequel to DuneMUSH, started by some of the former administrators, this is subtitled "Life in the Padish Imperium", and is set ten years before Dune. The game opened to the public in November 1994. Those interested in this game may also be interested in the old DuneMUSH FTP Archive.

[TH] DragonMUD: located at 4201.
This is actually a heavily modified TinyMUD (the ancestor of MUSH, MUCK, MOO, MUSE, and others), rather than a MUSH, but I include it on this list since it might be of interest to many a MUSHer. It is based in 18th-century London, and, unlike most Tiny-style MUDs today, its concentration is on puzzles, although there's plenty of socializing to be done as well. There are many, many well-done adventures to be explored and puzzled through. There are also some excellent examples of ANSI art scattered throughout the game. It's worth checking out at least once.


[BK] Elendor MUSH: located at 1892.
A roleplaying MUSH of moderate size, based on JRR Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings. The setting is a decade before the War; thus, the events of The Lord of the Rings haven't actually occurred, and the outcome is not fixed (particularly since Bilbo's ring was stolen by Gollum, who then lost it). Although this game has open character creation, new players will be asked to provide an email address upon creation; characters without them are purged in two days. There is a limit of one character per player. After a recent administrative turnover, the game has gotten some impetus, and currently seems to be benefitting from player enthusiasm and helpfulness (particularly to new players), though the game still has the look of a much newer and not-completely-constructed MUSH. More information is available via its home page.

[ST] Elysium: located at 9999.
Despite repeated disasters, this game refuses to die. It was the second World of Darkness MUSH to open to the public; it's set in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the wolves howl regularly, despite the fact that there are no wolves in Oklahoma. After yet another reconstruction, it's back up again, and open to roleplaying.

[RP] Enchanted Path: located 1212.
(4/29/95) This is a fantasy-medieval-style MUSH designed by a group of people who originally were involved in Dragon Prince MUSH. It preserves some of the same sort of flavor, with "emperies" rather than "princedoms". It is currently under construction.

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