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[ST] Paris: Les Fleurs du Mal: located at 8991.
The usual assortment of White Wolf supernaturals, this time in Paris. It has a home page.

[RP] Patternfall: located at 4444.
Based on Roger Zelazny's novels and the Amber Diceless RPG, just after the Patternfall War. It involves many of the same players as AmberMUSH (though the games are completely unrelated in administration), but the environment is more similar to that of a GameMastered LARP than the strong-consent cooperative roleplaying environment of AmberMUSH. It is a game of moderate size, though it is still in a state of rapid modification (almost in a pre-opening state). It is registration; character concepts should be sent to for approval. There is an unofficial home page.

[RP] Pax Magica: located at 7911.
Based on the Mythic Europe of the Ars Magica roleplaying game, this game is based in Venice of 1201, just prior to the Fourth Crusade. History and myth blend in a world where peasant superstitions are reality. The emphasis is upon roleplaying within a carefully-detailed historical world, with elements of the supernatural; plots will concentrate upon intrigue, politics, and urban life. More details are available from its extensive home page.

[PM] PernMUSH: located at 4201.
Now over three years old, it's one of the longest-lived roleplaying MUSHes around; it's still not a bad place for a beginner to get started. Players connected simultaneously at night often exceed 130. The world tends to be event-driven. Emphasis is placed on personal advancement within the society. One of the players maintains an unofficial home page.

[DY] Post Maxin: located at 1990.
(4/20/95) This is a private MUSH, apparently, with character registration required, to The WHO command is disabled from the login screen (a hardcode customization whose disabling at login seems to be at least mildly paranoid). It is a roleplaying sci-fi themed MUSH. Despite maintainer assurance that this is still up, I haven't been able to connect to it since 12/9/94.

[SM] PrairieMUSH: located at 4201.
This MUSH is a branch of PrairieNet, a public information service for Eastern and Central Illinois. It is primarily for PrairieNet members to chat on, though non-members are welcome, and there are some areas intended to be used for light roleplay. It's open to everyone, with new players welcome; questions should be addressed to

[ST] Protean: located at 6250.
(4/20/95) What is there to say? One more World of Darkness MUSH under construction. The setting is Seattle.

[ST] Purgatory: located at 6666.
(10/30/95) A cyberpunkish futuristic World of Darkness. It has a home page. Review forthcoming.


[SM] RealmsMUX: located at 6250.
(10/30/95) Review forthcoming.

[SM] RealTime MUSH: located at 6125.
(4/24/95) This MUSH is associated with the RealTime radio program in Toronto, Canada. It's fairly standard small social MUSH. More information is available via the RealTime home page.

[ST] Requiem: located at 2030.
(3/5/95, last successful connect 6/8/95) This World of Darkness MUSH-under-construction is set in the year 2027, and it's a cross between the usual World of Darkness supernatural gothic-punk setting and a cyberpunk setting. It takes various liberties with the standard White Wolf setting, as well, changing around clan relations and power levels. It's still under construction; more information is available on its home page.

[DY] RiftMUSH II: located at 4444.
(3/5/95, last successful connect 6/9/95) Some of the administrators of the original RiftMUSH have banded together to put together another one. This is based upon Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar and Empire novels. This game is currently down from loss of site.

[DY] Robotech MUSH: located at 2142.
(3/6/95, last successful connect on 10/18/94, returned 10/95) This MUSH is a return of a game which closed in November 1993; it is a reconstruction with a different administrative group and goals. It is based upon the Robotech comics, novels, and so forth, originally a Japanese production and licensed in the United States by Harmony Gold. The timeframe is 2011, three books into the Macross Saga (first series) era.

[TH] Royalty MUSH: located at 4201.
(11/1/95) Review forthcoming.


[SM] SacMUSH: located at 4201.
(7/4/95) A small, evidently partially-private social MUSH of the usual buddies-on-campus-schlock-something-together variety.

[ST] Sanguinis Nobilis: located at 4444.
(3/6/95) One more World of Darkness MUSH. It's London, this time. This is still under construction. It intends to focus on Camarilla politics, permitting anyone to play a vampire; it utilizes the simplified rules from the Mind's Eye Theatre. More information is available via its home page.

[RP] Shadowrun MUSH: located at 4201.
Based on FASA's Shadowrun game. Traditional cyberpunk, with megacorporations, magic, and various other oddities. More information is available via its home page.

[PM] ShardsMUSH: located at 7777.
Yet Another Pern MUSH, this one set just before the Seventh Pass of the Red Star, in the northwestern area of the Northern Continent. Quite small in size.

[SM] SolarMUSH: located at 6250.
(4/20/95) A science-fiction themed building/social MUSH. It is still tiny, very much under construction, and not yet open to the public.

[TH] Solar Realms: located at 7221.
(4/20/95) This also goes by the name "Stellar Conflict". It is a roleplaying MUX set in the year 2350, with starships, space exploration, and the like.

[PM] SouCon: located at 4201.
Another Pern-based MUSH, this one set on the Southern Continent, in the time frame of PernMUSH (which covers the Northern Continent). It's structurally similar to PernMUSH, but with far more adminstrative restrictions, and a much smaller, more intimate player base.

[TH] Spatial Wastes MUSH: located at 2001.
(11/12/94) A multi-genre futuristic space-themed MUSH, based on the idea of first contact with an alien race.

[DY] Star Wars MUSH: located at 4402.
This MUSH is, as its name suggests, based on Lucasfilm's Star Wars. The setting is two years after the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the Emperor and Darth Vader; the fledgling New Republic and the remnants of the Empire are scrambling for control. This MUSH does not necessarily follow the storyline established by Timothy Zahn's novels (or the other recent Star Wars novels published by Bantam). More information is available from its home page.

[DY] Star Wars II: A New Threat: located at 1999.
(4/20/95) This MUSH, based on Star Wars, is one of the three fragmentations of the original Star Wars MUSH. Though technically open to the public since mid-February, it's still rather small. It is based around the New Republic, and set five years after "Return of the Jedi". The game has lost its site; the present site listing is just a port announcer.

[DY] Star Wars III: The Minos Cluster: located at 4202.
(5/17/95) This MUSH, also based on Star Wars, is the third and final fragmentation of the original Star Wars MUSH. It is a relatively small MUSH, based three years after the Battle of Yavin, in an area of the galaxy called the Minos Cluster, far from the civilized worlds. It is a low-tech area with no known space travel, where the Empire and Rebellion battle for control.

[DY] Star Wars: the Movie MUSH: located at 4201.
(10/30/95) Review forthcoming.

[ST] The Storyteller's Circle: located at 6666.
"TSC" was formerly the "White Wolf Games Online Studio", the only one of the many Storyteller MUSHes "officially" run by White Wolf. Since that time, White Wolf has stopped officially sanctioning MUSHes and simply given blanket permission to use the system on-line. Presently, TSC is intended as a general resource to the RPG and MUSH communities, though there is still a distinct emphasis on White Wolf games. It has a home page.


[BK] Tales of Ta'veren: located at 4201.
(8/11/94) Based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time novels. Contact for information, or see the game's home page. This MUSH is still in a pre-opening stage. It is presently registration-only; email to get a character.

[ST] Tela Magica: located at 6250.
Based in the Normandy Tribunal of the "Mythic Europe" setting of the roleplaying game Ars Magica (formerly published by White Wolf, now published by Wizards of the Coast). Character generation is complex; it helps to have some knowledge of the system. This game has been down since August of 1994; it is waiting for a site to be provided by WotC, and will return in a modified form.

[DY] Terran Corridor: located at 3034.
(7/5/95) Battletech 3034: The Terran Corridor. This is based on FASA's Battletech game. It emphasizes an integration of roleplaying with the combat aspects of Battletech mech combat, and though the roleplaying is primarily "lip service", it at least has a reasonably militaristic feel. The coded systems are smooth and fast, and the MUSH itself is, by and large, free of the lag that plagues many other MUDs with complex combat. The MUSH itself is of moderate size. Character registration is required; one specifies a name and an email address at the connect screen, and the character is automatically created and the password emailed.

[ST] Texas Twilight MUSH: located at 6300.
Yes, it's another World of Darkness MUSH. This time, the setting is Dallas, Texas, in 1996. As usual, it supports Mages, Vampires, and Garou. Some time ago, it went through a purge of the supernaturals, so to speak. This was accomplished by simply retconning every bit of Vampire roleplay over the past year, while maintaining the rest of the continuity. If this sounds like a major contradiction of reasonability and sanity, well, yes, you're right. Nonetheless, it was done, resulting in a fairly impressive player exodus. Unsurprisingly, Texas Twilight is doing some heavy recruiting now. Debate still rages as to whether or not it's "recovered". There's more information on its home page. (Despite the site name, the speed of the network connection makes it highly unlikely that this is a standard 14.4KB SLIP connection; there's no observable netlag under normal circumstances.)

[PM] Threadfall: located at 7777.
(7/4/95) Yet Another Pern MUSH. It's small, focused upon Fort Weyr, and, as is to be expected, highly derivative of the original PernMUSH and its zillions of spin-offs.

[SM] TinyCWRU: located at 4201.
A very large, very old social MUSH. The number of players connected at any given time is, however, relatively low, due to sometimes extreme lag. It has a home page which is also home to the web2mush experimental link. Its machine also hosts a large FTP site for MUD information.

[SM] TinyTIM: located at 5440.
Silliness abounds, in an uncontrolled environment. This is the place to be if you're not interested in getting anything serious accomplished. It's currently the oldest MUSH in existence, started over four years ago, and at present it has one of the largest still-running MUSH databases. It's running its very own divergent brand of MUSHcode. For more information about TinyTIM, look through its home page or its FTP site.

[ST] Tombstone: located at 1880.
(5/17/95) This is a World of Darkness MUSH set in the Wild West. It is still under construction.

[SM] TooMUSH: located at 6666.
This is where the server hacks, programmers, and other assorted wizards hang out. No theme, almost no rules, join the clue hangouts if you can find 'em. It's a particularly popular hangout for PernMUSH and AmberMUSH players.

[TH] ToonMUSH III: located at 9999.
(9/17/94) This is a game where players are cartoons -- Disney, Warner Brothers, Anime, and so forth. It's a social MUSH. It shares some players in common with the previous attempts at MUSHes based on Toons; this one, however, just started in mid-September.

[TH] Transformers MUSH: located at 1985.
(last connect 3/6/95, regained site 9/95) Based upon the Transformers toys manufactured by Hasbro. The Transformers (the "good" Autobot robots and the "evil" Decepticon robots) were also the subject of an animated TV series.

[TH] Transformers 2005: located at 5555.
(3/6/95) The second attempt at a roleplaying MUSH based on the Transformers. Lots of people running around having power fantasies and doing the "my gun is bigger than your gun" thing; nonetheless, an attempt is being made to structure a cooperative "faction"-based roleplaying environment. More information is available via its home page.

[ST] Trinity: located at 5250.
(10/18/94) One more World of Darkness MUSH. The setting is the Research Triangle of North Carolina, in 1999. The database was evidently destroyed by some sort of disaster; it's presently in a reconstruction stage.

[SM] TrippyMUSH: located at 7567.
An unthemed MUSH, roughly similar in structure and mood to TinyTIM (which formerly was located at Clarkson), but smaller and with far fewer players. Both games are geared toward silliness, though TrippyMUSH goes to greater lengths to make itself unthemed; this is a pure-social MUSH. It has a home page.

[BK] TwoMoons: located at 4201.
(last successful connect 7/3/95) Based upon Wendy and Richard Pini's ElfQuest comics. Some use is made of the ElfQuest roleplaying game rules. This is a relatively "light" MUSH, with socially-oriented roleplaying. This game is down for 4-6 weeks for a site move.

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