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[ED] UCFC: located at 10080.
(7/4/95) The University of Central Florida, Cyberspace Campus. This is a small MUSH (which for some reason thinks of itself as a MUSE) specifically for UCF activities. There is also a paper describing the project.

[TH] Uncanny X-MUSH: located at 7070.
(7/26/96) Based on Marvel's X-Men universe, this roleplaying MUSH diverges from the comic book storyline at the beginning of "X-Cutioner's Song". Consult their home page for details.

[TH] Urban Legends: located at 4444.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) Run by Visionary Publishing. Plagued by downtime (more down than up), it's a good idea in search of dedicated players. Based on the urban fantasy genre explored by De Lint, Bull, and others, the game is set in Rowan, a fictional small town in Canada where Magic Happens. It also has a home page.


[RP] Valley of the Damned: located at 2000.
(4/29/95) This game centers around Walachia in the Transylvanian Alps, in the 15th century (the time of Vlad the Impaler). This is a Gothic fantasy game which, thankfully, does not repeat the World of Darkness cliches; this is a system which seems to roughly model itself after AmberMUSH-style arbitration (or, more accurately, the sort of variant that the now-defunct CryptMUSH used). It is newly opened, and still quite small.

[SM] Vanishing Point MUX: located at 2000.
(6/17/96) A small social MUSH with bits of combat for the heck of it. It has a home page.

[ST] VenusMUX: located at 2041.
(3/5/95) Take the World of Darkness. Now, transplant it to the planet Venus, after a race of alien super-beings have more or less transformed Life As We Know It. Like many other recent StoryTeller MUSHes, this one has taken the concept of administrative management to an extreme, instituting a Department of Quality Control. At least the news files are spelling-checked. There's a home page available for the curious.


[TH] World of Pain: located at 6669.
(11/1/95) A cyberpunkish game set in Verona, Italy. More details are available on its home page. Review forthcoming.


[TH] Xavier's: located at 2099.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) Based on Marvel Comics' The Uncanny X-Men and related titles, such as X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, and Excalibur, as of the Muir Island Saga. This game is registration-only. Applications for characters should be sent to
[SM] XystMUSH: located at 6250.
(4/25/95) Formerly SequoiaMUSH. This is basically a toybox MUSH -- build what you want. It's run by a fourteen-year-old; it was displayed at SIGGRAPH '95 as part of SIGkids. Details are available on its home page.


[SM] YakMUSH: located at 1800.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) It has a home page. Review forthcoming.


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