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[ST] Kindred MUX: located at 8888.
(10/30/95) The World of Darkness in Detroit. Review forthcoming, or see its homepage.


[ST] L.A. By Night: located at 1995.
(10/30/95) More World of Darkness, this time in Los Angeles. Review forthcoming.

[ST] Legacies: located at 4201.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) More World of Darkness. Review forthcoming.

[SM] Legacy MUSH: located at 7500.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) Review forthcoming.

[SM] Living Fiction: located at 8888.
(10/30/95) Review forthcoming.

[ST] London by Gaslight: located at 4201.
(6/17/96) Dark Victorian London. It has a home page.

[BK] Lost Tribes: located at 1066.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) An Elfquest-based game. Review forthcoming.


[ST] Manhattan By Moonlight: located at 6666.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) Still more World of Darkness. Review forthcoming.

[ST] The Masquerade: located at 9999.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) Alberquerque, New Mexico, in the World of Darkness. This is the second attempt at this MUSH. The original died in the flames of an administrative debacle, after poor quality control and general inanity destroyed its infrastructure. This new MUSH was rebuilt from scratch, by a largely different admin group. It is no longer one of the largest of the World of Darkness MUSHes, but it has a loyal following, and the obligatory home page.

[TH] Mayhem MUX: located at 4201.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) Review forthcoming.

[BK] Megadodo MUSH: located at 4242.
(6/17/96) Based on Douglas Adams' Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It has a home page.

[SM] The Ministry: located at 6969.
(7/26/96) Excellent building and an interesting "look and feel". Interestingly, the MUSH is also the home page. Review forthcoming.

[ST] Mountain Cauldron: located at 7777
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) A World of Darkness-based MUSH, with a focus on the Werewolves. Review forthcoming. Currently down due to disk crash. There is a refugee MUSH at 7777.

[RP] Mutatis Mutandis: located at 4520
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) An X-Men MUX. Review forthcoming.

[TH] Mysthaven: located at 4201.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) Review forthcoming.

[TH] Mystic Moon: located at 5555.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) A Sailor Moon MUX. Registration. Review forthcoming.


[SM] NeatoMUSH: located at 9000.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) Offline for the summer, according to the home page.

[TH] The NeverEnding Story: located at 9999.
Originally loosely based on the theme of the novel The NeverEnding Story, this MUSH (which is medium-sized, although it has few players) now encompasses a few other themed areas as well, including a Robotech area based on the television show (and comics, novels, and so forth).

[ST] Nightfall: located at 5250.
(7/26/96 -- <Ambar>) Now a MUX, "closed for renovations" as of 6/1/96.


[SM] OtherMUSH: located at 4201.
(3/6/95) This is another of those social-building MUSHes where there's no point to anything aside from doing whatever you want, and being silly and stupid. At least these people can spell, and there are some rather nifty pieces of building. More information is available on its home page.

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