The Almost-Complete List of MUSHes: F - J

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[TH] Fantasia MUSH: located at 4201.
A loosely themed social MUSH of moderate size. Character registration is required; email

[SM] Firestorm MUSH: located at 7000.
(4/25/95) A new under-construction MUSH which is evidently intended to have a fantasy theme, but at the moment is simply a place where people hangout. It is currently registration-only; email for a character.

[ST] FluxMUSH: located at 6250.
(5/20/95) In a time that has seen many execrable White Wolf MUSHes, it has been difficult to state with certainty that any one given MUSHes is significantly worse than the others. With the advent of FluxMUSH, however, this is no longer the case -- this is clearly the worst of the crop, in terms of sheer shoddiness of quality, in an increasing competitive genre that has long since begun to stress at least the semblance of quality. One begins one's entry into the MUSH by reading, of course, 'news theme', which begins with the following paragraph: "Flux MUSH is a different type of Mush in that it allows for Multiple realities that are Simutaniously played by the PCs to interact with each other by means of some scientific/Natural disaster." Should one somehow manage to comprehend that, one can wade through the rest of the news, which is a morass of mispellings, grammatical errors, typos, random capitalization, and passages that would horrify a second-grade teacher. What are these realities? We're told, "There are an infinite ammount of realities in teh FLUX Universe. This does not mean that all of the realities are accessable from the reality your currently in, it simply means that ANYTHING is possible." The worlds include the, "MOdern WOrld", the "Anchient World", and the "Tech World". The first is centered around Phoenix, Arizona. Further perusal is almost not necessary; it's set up to look fairly typically World of Darkness, but at a sort of graffiti-scrawler level.

[BK] FreeNarnia: located at 6250.
(10/30/95) One of the split-offs from the original NarniaMUSH. Review forthcoming.

[SM] fruitMUSH: located at 7333.
(6/17/96) It has a home page.

[ST] Full Circle: located at 6969.
(10/30/95) World of Darkness, in the fictional city of New Hope on the coast of Florida. It has a home page. Review forthcoming.

[TH] Future Realms MUSH: located at 1701.
A MUSH with a Star Trek theme. Since its opening on January 1, 1995, this game has grown quite rapidly; there are ships for the major Empires, and a great deal of code for a wide variety of things.


[ST] GarouMUSH: located at 7000.
Based on White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse roleplaying game. Registration for the game requires a character concept; registration information and requests for the introductory documentation should be sent to Use of "dice" to resolve situations is rare; emphasis is placed upon storytelling. More information is available from its home page, and one of its players maintains an excellent related resources page.

[SM] GlobalMUSH: located at 4201.
A MUSH with a global "theme", where almost anything goes.

[DY] Gohs: located at 9999.
(10/18/94) An original world, heavy in detail, based on, among other things, the ancient Aztec civilization. Gohs is a single city, and all roleplay centers upon activities in that city. The game's administrators apparently have a near-neurotic obsession with coding everything which can possibly be coded.

[RP] Guardians MUX : located at 4205.
(10/18/94) This is an original-themed roleplaying MUSH with a background of time travel. More information is available on its home page.


[RP] HellMUSH: located at 4444.
(5/17/95) This is a roleplaying MUSH, based on the idea of the war of the heavens, exemplified in such books such as Dante's Divine Comedy, Milton's Paradise Lost, and Brust's To Rule in Hell. Players take on the role of immortals, in an environment which is mostly based upon a consent system of negotiation. This is a highly revamped version of the old Pandemonium MUSH. You can find out more from its home page.


[TH] ImageCastle MUSH: located at 4201.
A medieval-themed MUSH, a relaxed roleplaying environment with strong social aspects. Still relatively small. An administrative schism occurred, splitting this MUSH into two MUSHes; please see the entry on Castle D'Image MUSH, for details.

[SM] Imbris: located at 6250.
(4/29/95) This is a German-language MUSH, with a modified server displaying the common messages in German rather than English. It is, otherwise, a relatively typical-looking small social MUSH.

[BK] Incarnations MUSH: located at 4201.
(last successful connect 5/28/95) Based on the seven novels of Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality, this MUSH is set in a modern-day San Francisco where both technology and magic work. It is a fairly small MUSH.


[PM] Jurassic Weyr: located at 6250.
(10/20/94) A very small MUSH, with a setting of a single Weyr and Hold on an island in the middle of the ocean, in Anne McCaffrey's Pern world. This is, in theory, a politics-free place for people to roleplay in a relaxed manner; it's a retirement home of sorts for some of the Pern "dinos" (hence the name). It has a motto of, "No twinks, no jerks, no weenies."

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