The Almost-Complete List of MUSHes: Unopened MUSHes

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These games are under construction, are private, or are otherwise not yet open to the public.

[ST] Arcadia
A World of Darkness MUSH, set in the chantry in the Tellurian outside Gai's Near Umbra. More information is available through its home page.

[RP] Dominion
This original-themed MUSH is based around a planet called Dominion. The theme is futuristic-fantasy, roughly, with characters vying for power in a number of different political arenas; roleplaying is emphasized. This game is still under construction.

[DY] Dune: Revenant
(10/18/94) One of the new MUSHes to appear in the wake of the closing of the original DuneMUSH, this one has a setting 10,000 years after Chapterhouse: Dune (the sixth novel). The game is still under construction. Character and information requests can be directed to either or The game also has a home page.

[RP] Kult
(7/4/95) Based on the roleplaying game of the same name, this MUSH is focused upon an extremely dark futuristic society.

Mime's Invisible Box MUSH! All right, this one doesn't actually exist; it's just a fake advertisment once posted to, a spoof satirizing the White Wolf MUSHes.

[ST] Pale Heart
Yes, it's another World of Darkness MUSH. At least this one departs from the northern hemisphere; it's set in Cuzco, Peru. Its home page provides more information.

[TH] Star Wars: A New Threat
(12/9/94) A roleplaying MUSH set in the Star Wars universe. It is still under construction. Questions should be addressed to

[TH] Virtual Rome
(4/20/95) This is an educational project of the National-Louis University. It's an attempt to make a virtual re-creation of historical Rome.

[DY] WheelMUSH
Based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time novels. The setting is one hundred years before the major events in the books. Contact if you're interested in helping with the initial building.

[ST] World of Darkness MUSHes
(3/5/95) More under-construction MUSHes than you can shake a stick at. Rumored or actual games include the following: Bizarre, Delusions, Necropolis (based on Wraith), and Praxis (set in Palo Alto).

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