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The MUD Resource Collection is a list of links to many useful sources of MUD information. The links should be of interest to both "normal" users of MUDs, as well as to researchers studying MUDs and related forms of computer-mediated communications. These pages are provided as a service to the academic community.

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The main pages of the Collection are as follows:
o FAQs and General Information
o Research-Oriented Links
o MUDlists and MudWHO
o Web Servers and WWW Interfaces to Games
o FTP Archives
o Recent Changes
The following pages have not been updated since September 1996 (but are likely to be pulled out of mothballs in the future) and still may provide a useful amount of information:
o Amberyl's Almost-Complete List of MUSHes
o The Automated MUSH List
o MUD Home Page Links
If you know of any major MUD information repositories not listed in the Collection, please email me at and let me know. If you like these pages, please feel free to link to them, and sign my guestbook! These pages are frequently updated.

The graphics on these pages are limited to colored dots; due to the number of accesses these pages get, reduction of images and the size of individual pages decreases the load on the server (and is friendly to those not fortunte enough to have Netscape as their browser).

The MUD Resource Collection has won a large number of awards, which one day I may add a page to display; I consider this a triumph of substance over form in a day and age where webpages are frequently high-glitz, low-content. Thank you all for supporting the Collection.

Lydia Leong, otherwise known as 'Amberyl', maintains these pages. She is the moderator of, and spends most of her MUD-related time on projects such as this, or on MUSHes. The truly curious can look at her list of projects.
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